Current Contents of Journals (Unani System of Medicine)


Supporting research is yet an important role ofthe library. Access to existing knowledge and information is essential for research. The knowledge that is newly created primarily communicated through the media of journals , research reports and other similar publications. Hence, the Library and Information Centre of the Central Council for Research (CCRUM), New Delhi provides the Current Contents of Journals in Unani System of Medicine.

Information services are needed to provide information not only on demand but also in anticipation of its use. Therefore , the Library & Information Centre (L&IC) feels pleasure to provide the “Current Contents of Journals: Unani Medicine” in quarterly mode. The Current Contents of Journals guides the user to the information, available in the journal , those which are recorded in the L & I C
during the quarter.

For any active researcher, it is essential that he / she keeps himself/ herself up- to-date in the field of his/ her work. In addition, the researcher is also required to know the development in other broader and peripheral areas which impinges on the field . Hope this specialized service will be helpful for our research community and will increase their scientific wisdom.


Prof. S. Shakir Jamil
Director General
Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine





The Library & Information Centre , Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine is always striving to fulfill information needs of the researcher in particular and staff of the Council in general. This center is bringing out some reference tools which may be helpful to the researchers to decide that whether a particular documents is required or not.

The ‘ Current Contents of Journals’ is a useful reference tool for the researchers. The frequency of this service is quarterly. It contains photocopies of the content pages of the Unani Medical Journals and of the relevant disciplines. The Journals which do not contains content pages, the library prepare these and include same in this service.

The present issue of this service includes photocopies of the content pages from Unani Medical Journals and other allied disciplines, received in the library during the quarter i.e. January – March 2013 .

Hope that researchers , teachers and students will make full use of it.


M. Azhar Khan
Asstt. Lib. & Inf. Officer
Library & Information Centre