The Drug Standardization Research Programme is mainly concerned with evolving pharmacopoeial standards for single drugs and compound formulations of Unani Medicine included in various volumes of National Formulary of Unani Medicine (NFUM) and Essential Drugs List for their incorporation in Unani Pharmacopoeia of India (UPI). The work on compound formulations includes development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their manufacture followed by the development of their pharmacopoeial standards. Besides, standardization of investigational drugs for clinical trials at the Council and estimation of heavy metals, microbial load, aflatoxin content and pesticidal residues in the drugs are also undertaken as a part of this programme. Chemical investigations of Unani medicinal plants are also carried out under this programme.

The standardization work is carried out in accordance with the format approved by the Unani Pharmacopoeia Committee of the Government of India through the following research centres:

  • Drug Standardization Research Institute (DSRI), Ghaziabad
  • National Research Institute of Unani Medicine for Skin Disorder (NRIUMSD), Hyderabad
  • Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine (RRIUM), Chennai
  • Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine (RRIUM), Srinagar
  • Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine (RRIUM), Aligarh
  • Drug Standardization Research Unit (DSRU), New Delhi

Central Council for Research Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India