Director General ,CCRUM, New Delhi
 Prof. Asim Ali Khan Director General  CCRUM, New Delhi

Director /Deputy Director / Assistant Director/ Research Officer (Unani)

S No  Name of Officers  Designation Place of posting E-mail
1 Dr. Munawar H. Kazmi Director  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad 
2 Dr. Asiya Khanum Assistant Director  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
3 Dr.(Mrs.) Naheed Parveen Assistant Director  CCRUM Hqrs, New Delhi
4 Dr. Ahmad Minhajuddin Deputy Director  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
5 Dr. Rahat Raza Deputy Director  RRIUM, New Delhi
6 Dr. Md.Ishtiyaq Alam Deputy Director  RRIUM,  Patna
8 Dr. Syed Ahmad Khan Deputy Director  CCRUM, Hqr's, New Delhi,(Presently posted at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi)  
9 Dr. Md. Nafees Khan Deputy Director  CRIUM, Lucknow
10 Dr. N. Zaheer Ahmed Deputy Director  RRIUM, Chennai 
11 Dr. Hakimuddin Khan Deputy Director  RRIUM, Bhadrak
12 Dr. Najeebul Hasan Deputy Director CRU, Bangalore
13 Dr. Younis Iftikhar Munshi Deputy Director RRIUM,  Kolkata
14 Dr. Irfat Ara Gurkoo Research Officer  RRIUM, Srinagar  
15 Dr. Aijaz Ahmed Research Officer Incharge CRU,  Kerala
16 Dr. Anwar Ahmad Research Officer  NRIUMSD,  Hyderabad  
17 Dr. Sheereen Afza Research Officer Incharge RRIUM, Aligarh
18 Dr. Amir Faisal Khan, Research Officer Incharge CRU,  Bhopal & Burhanpur
19 Dr. S.A.H. Zaidi Research Officer  RRIUM, New Delhi  
20 Dr. Rashidullah Khan Research Officer  RRIUM,   New Delhi  
21 Dr. Mohammad Arshad  Research Officer  CRIUM , Lucknow  
22 Hakim (Mrs.) Rafat Khanam Research Officer  RRIUM, Lucknow  
23 Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad Research Officer  RRIUM,  Patna  
24 Dr. (Mrs) Ghazala Javed Research Officer  RRIUM, New Delhi (Presently posted at CCRUM, New Delhi)
25 Dr. (Mrs.) Najmus Sehar Research Officer  CRIUM,  Lucknow  
26 Dr. (Mrs.) Arzeena Jabeen Research Officer   NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
27 Dr. Kabiruddin Ahmad Research Officer  RRIUM, Chennai  
28 Dr. (Mrs.) T. Shahida Begum Research Officer  RRIUM,  Chennai  
29 Dr. Arifa Khatoon Research Officer  CRIUM,  Lucknow  
30 Dr.  Ziaul Haq Siddiqui Research Officer  CRIUM,  Lucknow  
31 Dr.  Zaki Ahmad Siddiqui Research Officer Incharge   DSRU, New Delhi
32 Dr. Jawadul Haque Research Officer Incharge CRU,  Kurnool
33 Dr. Abdul Raheem Research Officer  RRIUM, New Delhi  
34 Dr.  Syed Sadullah Hadi Research Officer  CRU,  Bengaluru  
35 Dr. Shamsul Arfeen Research Officer  CRIUM, Lucknow  
36 Dr. Parvez Khan Research Officer  RRIUM, Aligarh  
37 Dr. Mohammad Fazil Research Officer Incharge LRIUM, New Delhi  
39 Dr. Mohammad Tariq Khan Research Officer Incharge CRU, Meerut
40 Dr. Anwarul Islam Research Officer  RRIUM, New Delhi  
41 Dr. Mohammad Nasim Research Officer  CRU, Meerut  
42 Dr. Mohammad Ehsan Ansari Research Officer  RRC, Allahabad  
43 Dr. Hafiz C.M. Aslam Research Officer  RRIUM, Chennai  
44 Dr. Gulnawaz Ahmad Research Officer  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
45 Dr. Masroor Ali Qureshi Research Officer  RRIUM, Mumbai  
46 Dr. Arsheed Iqbal Research Officer  RRIUM,Srinagar  
47 Dr. Ahmad Sayeed Research Officer  LRIUM, New Delhi  
48 Dr. Amanullah Research Officer  CCRUM,,Hqrs, New Delhi  
49 Dr. Misbahuddin Azhar Research Officer  RRIUM ,Aligarh  
50 Dr. Fakhre Alam Research Officer  RRIUM, Aligarh  
51 Dr. Bilal Ahmad Research Officer  LRIUM, New Delhi  
52 Dr. (Ms.) Azma Research Officer  LRIUM, New Delhi  
53 Dr. Jamal Akhtar Research Officer  CCRUM Hqrs  
54 Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Quddusi Research Officer  LRIUM, New Delhi  
55 Dr. (Mrs.) Nighat Anjum Research Officer  LRIUM,New Delhi (Temporary posted at CCRUM Headquarters)  
56 Dr. Qamruddin Research Officer  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
57 Dr. (Mrs.) Humaira Bano Research Officer  RRIUM,Mumbai  
58 Dr. Anwar Jamal Research Officer  LRIUM, New Delhi  
59 Dr. Manchala Ramesh Research Officer  CRU, Kurnool  
60 Dr. Mustehasan Research Officer  DSRU, New Delhi  
61 Dr. Rashidul Islam Ansari Research Officer  RRIUM, Aligarh  
62 Dr. Farah Ahmad Research Officer  CCRUM Hqr's, New Delhi   
63 Dr. Mohammad Nawab Research Officer  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
64 Dr. Shaikh Nikhat Parveen Research Officer  RRIUM, Mumbai  
65 Dr. Mohammad Zakir Research Officer  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
66 Dr. Akhtar Hussain Jamali Research Officer Incharge RRIUM, Silchar
67 Dr. Md. Wasim Ahmad Research Officer  DSRI, Ghaziabad  
68 Dr. Rajesh Research Officer  RRIUM, Patna  
79 Dr. Meirajul Haq Research Officer  LRIUM, New Delhi  
70 Dr. Shaista Urooj Research Officer  RRIUM ,New Delhi  
71 Dr. Javed Inam Siddiqui Research Officer  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
72 Dr. Osama Akram Research Officer  LRIUM, New Delhi  
73 Dr. Mahe Alam Research Officer  CCRUM Hqrs  
74 Dr. Afshan Qaiser Research Officer  CRU, Bhopal  
75 Dr. Athar Parvez Ansari Research Officer  RRIUM, Srinagar  
76 Dr. Noman Anwar Research Officer  RRIUM, Chennai  
77 Dr. Abdul Rasheed Research Officer  RRIUM, Bhadrak  
78 Dr. Mohd. Sheeraz Mustaque Ahmad Research Officer  RRIUM, Srinagar  
79 Dr. Mohd. Tariq Research Officer  RRIUM,Bhadrak  
80 Dr. Mohd. Masihuzzaman  Research Officer  RRIUM, Kolkata  
81 Dr. Mohd. Manzar Alam Research Officer  RRIUM, Mumbai  
82 Dr. Hina Rahman Research Officer  RRIUM,New Delhi  
83 Dr. Mohd. Afashul Kalam Research Officer  RRIUM, Srinagar  
84 Dr. M. A. Waheed Research Officer  CRU, Kerala  
85 Dr. Mahboobus Salam Research Officer RRIUM, Patna  
86 Dr. Mrs Arjumand Shah Research Officer  RRIUM, Srinagar  
87 Dr. Mrs Tamanna Nazli Research Officer CCRUM Hqrs,Posted at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi  
88 Dr. Shagufta Rehman Research Officer  (Ad-hoc) RRIUM, Aligarh  
89 Dr. Ms Huma Research Officer (Ad-hoc) RRIUM, Srinagar  
90 Dr. Mujahid Sami Research Officer (Ad-hoc) CRU, Burhanpur
91 Dr. Irfan Ahmad Research Officer (Ad-hoc) RRIUM ,Mumbai  
1 Dr. Nirmala Devi Research Officer RRIUM,  Mumbai  
2 Dr. Fasih Ahmed Research Officer CRIUM ,Lucknow  
3 Dr. Meena Kumari Nayak Research Officer RRIUM ,New Delhi  
4 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Research Officer CCRUM, Hqrs., New Delhi  
5 Dr. Pawan Kumar Yadav Research Officer  CCRUM Hqrs., New Delhi  
6 Dr. Ashok Kumar Research Officer Incharge RRC, Allahabad
7 Dr. Syeda Hajra  Fatima Research Officer  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
1 Dr. Sadia Ayub Research Officer RRIUM,  Aligarh  
2 Dr. Radhey Shyam Verma Research Officer RRIUM,  Aligarh  
3 Dr. Mohammad Naim Research Officer CRIUM,  Lucknow  
4 Dr. Kishore Kumar Research Officer  RRIUM ,Bhadrak  
5 Dr. Tasleem Ahmad Research Officer NRIUMSD, Hyderbad  
6 Dr. Towseef Amin Rafeequi Research Officer  RRIUM, Srinagar  
7 Mrs. Priyanka Verma Assistant Research Officer  RRIUM ,New Delhi  
1 Dr.  Mohammad Nadeem Assistant Research Officer  (Adhoc) NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
2 Dr. Mohd. Urooj Research Officer NRIUMSD,, Hyderabad  
3 Dr.  Gulam Mohammad Hussain Research Officer  NRIUMSD,  Hyderabad  
1 Dr. Seema Akbar Assistant Director Incharge RRIUM, Srinagar
2 Dr. R.P. Meena Research Officer  CCRUM Hqrs., New Delhi  
3 Dr. Asma Sattar Research Officer Incharge DSRI,Ghaziabad
4 Dr. Pawan Kumar Sagar Research Officer  DSRI, Ghaziabad  
5 Sh. Rakesh Kumar Negi Research Officer DSRI, Ghaziabad  
6 Dr. Akhlaq Mustafa Research  Officer  DSRU, New Delhi  
7 Sh. Shoaib Ahmed Ansari Research Officer DSRI, Ghaziabad  
8 Dr. Mohd. Younis Dar Research Officer RRIUM,  Chennai  
9 Sh. Anas Iqbal Alvi  Research Assistant DSRU, New Delhi  
10 Sh. Mohammad Rasheed Research Assistant NRIUMSD,  Hyderabad  
1 Dr. R. Murugeswaran Assistant Director  DSRI, Ghaziabad (Posted at NMPB, New Delhi)
2 Sh. Tariq Ahmad Butt. Research Officer RRIUM,  Srinagar  
3 Dr. Mohd. Kashif Hussain Research Officer  NRIUMSD,  Hyderabad  
4 Dr. Usha Devi Research Officer DSRI, Ghaziabad  
5 Dr.  Mokhtar Alam Research Officer CCRUM Hqrs, New Delhi
6 Dr. Jameel Ahmed Research Officer (Pharmacogonosy) RRIUM, Aligarh  
7 Shri Aslam Siddiqui Research Officer (Pharmacogonosy) NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
8 Shri  Subhashender Singh Assistant Research Officer  RRIUM, Bhadrak  
9 Smt. Kiran Negi Assistant Research Officer DSRU, New Delhi  
10 Dr. Sonali Sajawan Assistant Research Officer DSRI, Ghaziabad  
11 Dr. Venkateshan Assistant Research Officer RRIUM,  Chennai  
12 Shri  Parwez Ahmad Research Assistant  RRIUM,  Aligarh  
13 Dr. G. Penchala Pratap Research Assistant  NRIUMSD, Hyderabad  
1 Sh. H.S. Thapa Investigator CCRUM Hqrs., New Delhi  
2 Sh. Javed Ali Khan Investigator RRIUM,  Chennai  
3 Sh. Ravindra Singh Investigator RRIUM,  Aligarh  
4 Sh. Anirban Rej Investigator CCRUM Hqrs., New Delhi  
5 Sh. Anirban Goswami Investigator RRIUM, Patna  
6 Mrs. Salma Sultana Investigator RRIUM ,New Delhi  
7 Sh. Mohammad Naseem Investigator CRU, Meerut  
1 Mohammad Niyaz Ahmad Research Officer CCRUM, Hqrs., New Delhi
2 Mrs. Shabanum Siddiqui Assistant Editor CCRUM, Hqrs., New Delhi  



Central Council for Research Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India