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General Outpatient Department (GOPD) programme


The CCRUM undertakes GOPD Programme which also includes Geriatric OPD and RCH/ MCH OPD. It is aimed at promoting, protecting and preserving public health through Unani Medicine. Besides, OPDs for Post-trial Treatment Access (PTA) is also conducted in order to provide treatment facility to the research patients after completing the trial. During the reporting period, this programme continued at Central Research Institutes of Unani Medicine (CRIUMs), Hyderabad and Lucknow; Regional Research Institutes of Unani Medicine (RRIUMs), Chennai, Bhadrak, Patna, Aligarh, Mumbai, Srinagar, Kolkata and New Delhi; Regional Research Centres, Allahabad and Silchar; Clinical Research Units (CRUs), Bengaluru, Bhopal, Burhanpur, Meerut, Kurnool and Edathala; Clinical Research Pilot Project, Manipur; Hakim Ajmal Khan Institute for Literary and Historical Research in Unani Medicine, New Delhi; AYUSH Wellness Centre, President’s Estate, New Delhi; and All India Institute  of Ayurveda, New Delhi. During the reporting period, a total of 4,96,384 patients  comprising 4,43,785  patients  in GOPDs, 25,078 in Geriatric  OPDs, 9,542 in RCH / MCH OPDs, and 17,979 in OPDs for Post-trial Treatment Access (PTA) were treated  at different centres. These patients were also assessed for their temperaments and various other factors responsible for occurrence of the disease, thus generating data for research feedback and Unani treatment was prescribed accordingly. These patients were treated with Unani pharmacopoeial formulations.

Central Council for Research Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India