School Health Programme

School Health Programme is aimed at improving the health and hygiene status of school children through education and awareness. Under the programme, the Council’s researchers perform weekly visit to the selected primary and secondary schools, particularly those in rural areas. Besides promoting health consciousness among students, the Council’s physicians conduct health check-ups of school children and provide free treatment to those suffering from different diseases. They also deliver lectures on preventive and promotive aspects of health periodically and distribute health related literature. This programme was started in the year 1986, and since then about 2.0 lakh school children have benefited from the activity. The effort of creating awareness resulted in reduction of incidence of diseases such as scabies, worm infestation, hair lice, boils, conjunctivitis which were common in children. General health and hygiene status of the children also improved.

Central Council for Research Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India