Under the Literary Research Programme, Urdu translation of Persian book Mujarrabät-i Rizäé was published while the vetting of its English translation was completed during the reporting period. The translations would help non-Persian knowing Unani physicians, researchers and scholars access the important prescriptions tested by the author in different ailments in order to incorporate the same in clinic as well as research.

The Council was also able to publish the second volume of ‘Standard Unani Treatment Guidelines for Common Diseases’ comprising description of 60 commonly occurring diseases. Besides peculiar diseases mentioned in Unani classical literature, e.g. Òu'f-i Mi'da (Gastric Debility), Waja‘ al-Fuwäd, Sü’ al-Qinya, Dhüsanöäriya Mi‘wiyya, Sa‘fa Raöba and Sa‘fa Yäbisa, it also includes many lifestyle disorders, e.g., Hypertension and Obesity. The work can be distinguished through its precise description of etiology, pathogenesis, symptomatology, principles of treatment, pharmacotherapy, regimen therapy and preventive measures for each disease in the light of Unani philosophy. The information has been gathered from classical references only. Contrary to the first volume, a list of basic investigations for each disease has also been given to help Unani practitioners diagnose diseases. A glossary of 111 technical terms frequently used in the volume has been appended.

During the reporting period, the proceedings of ‘National Seminar on Hakim Ajmal Khan’s Multidimensional Personality and Enduring Contributions’ organized by the Council in collaboration with Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi during 12-13 February 2016 was also published. The publication entitled Nuqush-i Ajmal and spread over 284 pages comprises 29 papers presented in the seminar. A team of research officers from Hakim Ajmal Khan Institute for Literary & Historical Research in Unani Medicine (HAKILHRUM), New Delhi and theHeadquarters compiled and edited the papers included in the document. Nuqush-i Ajmal is
certainly an important addition in the available literature on Hakim Ajmal Khan. The book helps in better understanding the great contributions made by Hakim Ajmal Khan and also brings into light some lesser known aspects of his life and works.

Vetting of Urdu translation of Persian book Muùéö-i A‘, Volume-IV and Urdu translation of Arabic book Kitäb Manäfi‘ al-Aghdhiya wa Daf‘-i Maòärrihä and Persian book Qaräbädén-i Jaläli continued during the reporting period. The work on the monographs – Adwiya Qalbiyya (Drugs acting on Heart), Adwiya Kabidiyya (Drugs acting on Liver), Adwiya Kulwiyya (Drugs
acting on Kidneys), Ùijäma (Cupping Therapy) and Cosmetology in Unani Medicine continued.

For distribution in ‘Swasthya Rakshan Programme’ and National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS), the publicity material on various topics including Cupping Therapy, Deficient Lactation, Dysmenorrhoea, Healthy Ageing, Lifestyle Diseases, Gout, Palpitation, Healthy Living and Dengue Fever was published.

The work of abstracting Jahan-i Tib’s articles in English continued and 110 articles were abstracted during the reporting period.a