Types of Services With Brief Description


Preservation & Digitization of Manuscript and Rare Books


LIC preserves the rare books, manuscripts and other sensitive collection through scanning and storing them in computer or CDs and provides the hard copies of the relevant part to the library users when required.


Current Awareness Service (CAS)


The CAS is basically bibliographical service and retrospective information service, which guides the user to documents where in the required information likely to be available. Library and Information Centre provides CAS by;

  1. List of New additions: It is computerized Quarterly Current Awareness Service Bulletin to disseminate information about new accessioned books to readers, users, members and staff etc.
  2. Display of New Arrivals: The newly added important books are displayed prominently in the Library so that they catch the attention of readers.


Collection of Articles from Popular Magazines


Library selects and collects articles on medical and allied sciences from the following popular magazines being received in the Library and these are stored in separate subject folders for the use of library members. The popular magazines presently covered are India Today (English), Out Look (English), Life Positive (English), The Week (English), The Time (English), Reader Digest (English), Health (Hindi), and Sarita (Hindi).


Monthly Medical News Index Service


Library & Information Centre collects the important news from the national dailies and provides the latest and current information related to medical and health sciences through monthly medical news index services. The daily newspapers covered are; The Times of India (English), The Hindustan Times (English), The Hindu (English), The Asian Age (English), The Indian Express (English), The Pioneer (English), Nav Bharat Times (Hindi), Rashtriya Sahara (Hindi), Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu), and Qaumi Awaz (Urdu).


Current News Service


The Library and Information Centre collects the current and important news in the field medical and health sciences from the daily newspapers received in the library and send important news items for perusal of authorities and copies are also displayed on the board for the benefit of other research staff.


Current Contents of Journals in UNANI System of Medicine


The centre provides the information about Contents of Journals in UNANI System of Medicine available in the Library & Information Centre on quarterly basis.


SDI Service


Selective Dissemination of Information is a system of information retrieval and disseminating relevant information to users. Library & Information Centre is providing this service by maintaining special folders for the research staff of the council collecting the relevant information in his/her field of interest.


On-line Access of Journals Through Consortia


Library & Information Centre is engaged for On-line searching/access of e-journals through Info Trac Medical Consortia (I-Med C) and Health & Wellness Research Consortia (HWRC).


Retrieving/Searching of Databases through DELNET


The Library and Information Centre is connected with DELNET to access the bibliographical databases of Union catalogue of books, Current periodicals in Delhi Libraries, Urdu manuscripts, theses and dissertation, Who’s who, Library of Congress catalogues, National Library of Medicine, U.S. Patents Full text, NET-Happenings, MED-Clips, IFLA, LIBJOBS etc.


Bibliographical Searches through Computerized Catalogue


Centre saves the time of users and research staff by searching/retrieving of required reading materials through the computerized Library-Catalogue and provides the accurate position of books in shortest period out.




An On-line Pubic Access Catalogue of the holdings has been developed. The database covers the bibliographical details of print and non print materials available in the Library and can be searched by author, editor, title, accession, publisher, place, year, suppliers, subjects, pages, keywords, descriptors, or any other field and may also be searched by outstation users over a telephone line in future. The members can also know about their library account and the books outstanding in their names.


Multimedia and CD-ROM Search Service


The entry of CD-ROM into the field of Medical and Health Sciences has revolutionized Information System. Multimedia is an integration of texts, graphics, animations, video and audio system. The Library provides the multimedia facilities to the researchers. LIC also provides CD-ROM search facilities to its users through computer on single CD drive. There are a number of CDs related to the medical science and generalities available in the Library & Information Centre.


Internet Access


Library and Information Centre has an INTERNET connection. Access to Internet is provided to the Research Staff of the council in various fields of their activities. Library staff also surf through INTERNET from time to time to find out new happenings in the field of UNANI System of Medicine and the contents thus collected are circulated among the research staff.


Reference and Referral Service


LIC has a big collection of reference tools such as Encyclopedias, Year books, Who’s who, Atlases, Thesaurus, Glossaries, Dictionaries, Directories, etc. to provide the specific information or data to the users and researchers.


Inter Library Loan


The books and reading materials are also made available to the members of the Library through Inter Library Loan, if the same is not available with it.


Institutional Membership


Library and Information Centre has an institutional membership of American Library and British Council Library, New Delhi. The Library & Information Centre provide access to these libraries through its institutional membership to its members. LIC is also an institutional member of MLAI (Medical Library Association of India).


Documentation & Abstracting Services


The Documentation of published articles in the different proceedings, souvenirs, and other reputed journals authored by council’s researchers is being processed. The Abstracting of M.D. Thesis and dissertations in the field of Unani system of medicine submitted in the different post graduate institutions of the country is also being carried out. The Abstracting of available Manuscripts in the Library & Information Centre, CCRUM-New Delhi is also under process.



Library and Information Centre has an institutional membership of American Library and British Council Library, New Delhi. The Library & Information Centre provide access to these libraries through its institutional membership to its members. LIC is also an institutional member of MLAI (Medical Library Association of India).

Central Council for Research Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India