large_226.JPG CCRUM Ceremony 7 large_126.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_128.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_DSC_0168.JPG Director General large_165.JPG Director General large_194.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_IMG20171208105359.jpg Delegate large_IMG20180427165102.jpg Director General1 large_Director General.jpg Director General large_510.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_DSC_0201.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_DSC_0229.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_DSC05027.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_DSC05038.JPG CRIUM, Hyderabad large_DSC05231.JPG CRIUM, Hyderabad large_IMG_20180525_105450_HDR (1).jpg CRIUM, Hyderabad large_IMG-20180613-WA0002.jpg CCRUM large_IMG-20180613-WA0018.jpg CCRUM large_IMG-20180613-WA0024.jpg CCRUM large_IMG-20180613-WA0025.jpg CCRUM large_IMG-20180613-WA0034.jpg RRIUM, Mumbai large_12DSC_3839.JPG RRIUM, Chennai large_77.JPG Intra AYUSH Collabioration large_142.JPG Intra AYUSH Collaboration large_IMG-20180613-WA0018.jpg Director General large_IMG-20180526-WA0030.jpg RRIUM, Chennai large_IMG-20180613-WA0051.jpg Director General large_DSC_0136.JPG Director General large_IMG20180620160323.jpg CCRUM large_DSC_0085.JPG Director General large_IMG-20180621-WA0002.jpg Director General large_IMG-20180621-WA0003.jpg Director General large_DSC_0153.JPG Delegate from Bangladesh large_DSC_0107.JPG Dr. MK Siddiqui large_DSC_0101.JPG Meeting with Dr. MK Siddiqui large_DSC_0190.JPG Workshop on Research Methodology large_DSC_0194.JPG Workshop on Research Methodology large_DSC_0197.JPG Workshop on Research Methodology large_DSC_0207.JPG Workshop on Research Methodology large_DSC_0200.JPG Workshop on Research Methodology large_DSC_0249.JPG Workshop on Research Methodology large_DSC_0222.JPG Workshop on Research Methodology large_DSC_0385.JPG Presentation of the book - "India's Most Powerful Women" large_DSC_0325.JPG Meeting with Incharges large_DSC_0347.JPG Meeting with Prof. Kohli large_DSC_0374.JPG Meeting with Prof. Saud Ali Khan large_DSC_0384.JPG Meeting with Prof. Saud Ali Khan large_DSC_0459.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0490.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0493.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0513.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0532.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0540.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0562.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0497.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह large_DSC_0563.JPG हिंदी पखवाडा उद्घाटन समारोह