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The different centres have been allotted various projects and diseases for their clinical research. They are as follows:

Centre Disease
CRIUM, Hyderabad Bars (Vitiligo), Iltehab-e-Tajaweef-e-Anf (Sinusitis), Iltehab-e-Kabid (Infective hepatitis), Muzmin Zubeh-e-Sadariya Sabit (Chronic stable angina), Kasrat-e-Shahmuddam (Hyperlipidemia), Zaghtuddam Qawi (Essential Hypertension),  Ziabetus Sukkari (Diabetes mellitus), Qarh-e-Meda-wa-Isna-e-Ashari (Duodenal ulcer) and  Daus Sadaf (Psoriasis), Study on Unani galactogogue, Collaborative study on Viral Hepatitis- patients and project on Theory of Akhlat, Physiological studies on humours and temperaments.
CRIUM, Lucknow Waja-ul-Mafasil (Rheumatoid arthritis), Ziabetus Sukkari (Diabetes Mellitus), Tahajjur-e-Mafasil (Osteo arthritis), Bars (Vitiligo), Warm-e-Lissa (Gingivitis), Zahab-o-Mayil Asnan (Tooth hypersensivity) Cosmeto-therapeutic trials on graying of hair, skin fairness, pimples and lips crack.
RRIUM, Chennai Ziabetus Sukkari (Diabetes mellitus), Daul Feel (Filariasis), Iltehab-e-Kabid (Infective hepatitis), Waja-ul-Mafasil (Rheumatoid arthritis), project on immunomodulatory activities of Unani drugs, and cosmeto-therapeutic trials of  Unani drugs in Baldness and Skin Crack.
RRIUM, Bhadrak Daul Feel (Filariasis)
RRIUM, Patna Daul Feel (Filariasis) and Humma-e-Aswad (Kala Azar).
RRIUM, Aligarh Ziabetus Sukkari (Diabetes Mellitus), Bars (Vitiligo) and Zaghtuddam Qawi ( Hypertension)
RRIUM, Mumbai Zaghtuddam Qawi (Hypertension) and Iltehab-e-Kabid  (Infective hepatitis)
RRIUM, Srinagar Waja-ul-Mafasil (Rheumatoid arthritis), Zeequn Nafas (Bronchial asthma) and  Daus Sadaf (Psoriasis)
RRIUM, Kolkata Zaheer-e-Muzmin (Bacillary dysentery)  and validation trials of kit medicines in different diseases
RRIUM, New Delhi Waja-ul-Mafasil (Rheumatoid arthritis), Ziabetus Sukkari (Diabetes Mellitus), Zaghtuddam Qawi (Hypertension) and   Saman-e-Mufrit (Obesity)
CRU, Allahabad Ziabetus Sukkari (Diabetes mellitus), Validation trial of kit-medicines  in different diseases and Cosmeto-therapeutic trials of Unani drugs
CRU, Bangaluru Nar-e-Farsi (Eczema), Daus Sadaf (Psoriasis) and Buffa (Dandruff).
CRU, Bhopal Nar-e-Farsi (Eczema) and Daus Sadaf (Psoriasis)
CRU, Burhanpur Zaheer-e-Muzmin (Bacillary dysentery), Nar-e-Farsi (Eczema) and Shira (Chronic urticaria).
CRU, Meerut Buffa (Dandruff) and Zaheer-e-Muzmin (Bacillary dysentery)
CRU, Edathala (Kerela) Validation trials of kit medicines
RRC, Silchar (Assam) Validation trials of kit medicines