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Following are some of Achievements of Clinical Research Programm.

  • Diseases undertaken for clinical studies-30
  • Drugs/formulations undertaken for screening-120
  • Formulations undertaken for extensive clinical trials-55
  • Single/compounds Unani drugs studied for their Pharmacological action and safety evaluation- 120
  • Formulations/drugs developed for various diseases-31
  • Formulations decoded and studies published -12
  • Applications filed for grant of provisional patent -31
  • Developed a Unani glactogogue biscuits for lactating mothers.
  • Developed Unani herbal tea in two flavours, saffron and sandal.
  • Developed Cough drops/Unani lozenges.
  • Developed Unani ORS for diarrhoeal diseases.
  • Developed safe and cost effective treatment for diseases such as; vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, infective hepatitis etc.
  • Validated efficacy of Unani drugs in different epidemics including jaundice, gastroenteritis, cholera, viral fever, dengue fever, conjunctivitis, dropsy & chickenguinea.
  • Developed SOPS for different regimental therapies and their scientific validation
  • Developed a kit of Unani medicines for common/seasonal ailments. Scientifically validated the efficacies of these drugs. These are now being commercially exploited through National Research Development Corporation (NRDC).
  • Conducted studies on healthy ageing and developed a package for senior citizens.
  • Conducted multecentric trials of Unani drugs in different Cosmetic diseases.